Sunday, December 9, 2012


Amber loves to sing, especially to the Lord. I watch her from the pew as she sings in the choir and only wish I could make her light up the way she does when she is singing. I often tell her she sings holy into our house. So as the Christmas choir service approached I was very worried. Amber had been suffering flu symptoms for the last month and laryngitis for almost two weeks. Earlier this week, knowing she would be heartbroken if she could not sing, being the wise husband I tried to prepare her. I told her "you better prepare yourself to watch the choir with me, you are not singing!”
You could assume that after what God has done in our lives over the last two weeks I would know better, of course not. As late as last night, her voice was still cracking. Much better than the previous week, sounding like she was a forty year- pack a day – of unfiltered cigarettes, smoker, but still not good. As she woke this morning at 5:45, if you know Amber that is considered the middle of the night, to get ready for service, I still doubted. No way could she do it.
As I watched and listened to the choirs’ performance, I could not help notice how she outshined all the Christmas lights. To see the peace and happiness on her face and the joyful noise she made for the Lord. I am committing to believe this Christmas season. Believe in what the Lord has promised. Believe in His sacrifice; and to believe that He has called us to service in reaching and loving his children. 

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