Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Referrals

Since announcing the end of our adoption pursuit of Jeanne and Gatundo in November, Jim and I have been working on getting moved into our new house and preparing for the arrival of our daughter, Callahan.  Every day we think about Jeanne and Gatundo and wonder how life is going for them and their mother.  We're currently using the room that would have been their room as a storage/workout room, which is really hard.  Being pregnant, I'm definitely in a nesting mode and it hurts to not be preparing the room for them in our house. 

After the  Thanksgiving holiday, Jim and I decided to notify our agency that we would like to be put on the list of parents waiting to be matched with two more children.  The agency asked us about any preferences in gender, age, etc.  In talking it over with Jim, it is amazing how much God has grown us in the past year.  When we started the adoption process, we were very specific about the child that was right for our family.  I think it was just one more way that we were trying to force our plan/control in to the plan that was clearly already laid out for us.  This time around, we feel like our hearts and eyes have been opened even more to the need for families to care for orphans and we are excited about God's plan and timing for us and our family.

We are excited to announce that we have accepted two new referrals.  We will be pursuing the adoption of two little baby boys that will hopefully one day be the older Coughlin brothers to Callahan.  Please be praying for Nathan and Israel.  Both are under the age of 1, so we ask that you pray for their health.  We are also asking that you continue to pray for Jeanne, Gatundo, and their mother.  While we are no longer pursuing adoption of them, we think of them daily.  We want their family to thrive.  We pray that their mother is able to provide for them and that their relationship continues to grow and strengthen.

Wishing everyone peace this Christmas season.

Jim and Amber Coughlin

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