Saturday, November 17, 2012

Picking an agency

  This week we started getting the word out about our desire to adopt a child from DRC.  We weren't sure how people would respond when we told  them we planned to adopt a child from Africa.  While I think a few people were surprised, the overall response has been amazing.  Words of encouragement and hugs have been pouring in.  We feel really blessed.  Jim has been working on putting the miles in toward his goal of 7,000 miles run/ride fundraiser.   The weather has been a little chilly, so he has been riding in our living room.   He also created a spreadsheet to log his miles.  If you aren't familiar with Jim's love of spreadsheets, you should ask him about it.  This particular spreadsheet actually has a formula built in to deem him a SLACKER if he doesn't ride/run enough miles that week.  Pretty comical, but totally Jim.  

  As far as the adoption process itself, we are feeling really stuck.  We need to pick an agency soon and have narrowed it down to two but feel hesitant about making the final decision.  I think our Type A personalities are getting in the way.  It is daunting to consider giving so much money to an organization and to have faith that the end result will be the child you have been praying for.   Please be praying that God will bring clarity and guide us to the right agency.  Please pray that we continue to put our faith in Him and that the agency we select will do His work.

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