Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Waiting for a referral

At the end of January, we received word from our social worker that our home study had been approved and we are officially on the waiting list.  During the home study, my goal was to get on the list as fast as possible. Hurry up and wait.  While we are waiting, we are spending time learning more about DR Congo.  We joined an 8 week class following a curriculum laid out by an organization called She's My Sister http://sister.americanbible.org/.  The study addresses the effects of war/rape on the women and girls of the Congo.  The videos we watch are sobering and stressful, but more than anything, thought provoking.  We are joined in the class by two other families currently in the process of adopting from the Congo.  We use the time before and after class to share adoption information.  It is so comforting to talk to others going through similar experiences. 

The adoption process can be so overwhelming at times that I think it is important to constantly remind yourself why you are doing it and the life changing results it can have for you, the children and those around you.  Check out this video we saw several weeks ago.  This is an awesome family.  Watching it reminds me the process is worth it.  Our wait will be worth it.

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