Friday, March 1, 2013

Becoming more aware

    During the past few weeks, we've been working to network with other local families also adopting from Congo.  Enough families have "popped up", so we started a Facebook group specifically for northeast Indiana.  We also recently found out that there is a Congolese church here in SE Fort Wayne!  How awesome is that?  We hope to attend a service there soon. 
     A week ago we mailed our I600A. The I600A is a US government form that if approved, deems you as acceptable to adopt an international orphan.   We received confirmation that our form was received.  The next step will be an appointment in Indianapolis to be fingerprinted and run through the system.  Should be interesting.
    As we are preparing for Easter, our daily readings remind us of Christ's example and how we should be treating others, especially those in need. In our attempts to understand and navigate the adoption process, we are coming to realize how many orphans there are worldwide and how dire their situations are.   At the same time, U.S. international adoption has steadily been decreasing as many adoption programs abroad are being closed down.  Below is a trailer to a documentary called Stuck.  The documentary addresses the issue of international adoption and current conditions of orphans throughout the world.  The documentary is showing in various cities throughout the U.S.  It can also be purchased ($12.99)and viewed online through their website,

Our prayer requests:
1. That we would be matched with a child
2. That other families would consider adopting an orphan here in the US or abroad
3. That current orphans would be provided for, be kept healthy and feel loved


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