Saturday, April 20, 2013

And then there was the possibility of two...

     After waiting a few months for a referral and much uncertainty with our old agency, we made the decision to switch to a different agency working in the Congo.  After reviewing their fee schedule, we quickly discovered that with a little more fundraising, we could potentially adopt 2 children instead of the 1 child we had originally planned for.  So, as of Friday, it has been settled.  We are now with a new agency and are looking at possibly adopting 2 children under the age of 2.  Pray for us!  :)  Joking aside, there is something so special occurring between Jim and I in this process.  Everything in the adoption process is so important and life altering that we are drawn together to complete each step and to make each decision.  Even though we are focusing on bringing children home a side-effect is discussion, compromise and understanding that is great for our marriage.  It's bringing us closer and knitting us together which was a big help with what happened today...
     While out with friends in town, we stopped by a local store that offers a service that we felt may be a great opportunity for a fundraiser.  We stopped in and spoke with the owners to get a feel for their willingness to participate.  At the beginning of the conversation, all was going well and then I mentioned we were looking to possibly raise funds for an adoption from Africa.  The mood quickly changed.  The woman asked me pointedly why I would adopt from another country when there were so many children that needed love here in the US.  I told her I thought that was a valid question and launched into a conversation about how we came to adopt from Africa.  By the end of the discussion, it was clear she disagreed and we left the store.  For me it was a real eye-opener.  Leading up to today we've experienced so much support and positivity that this was really hard.  That said, it was strangely affirming.  I left the store ready to bawl but then after holding Jim's hand had a calmness come over me that was amazing.  I am so sure that God is calling us to adopt from the Congo that her words and judgmental looks didn't make a dent. 
Jim and I ended our day dancing in our dining room to a song on Pandora called Make You Feel My Love.  A line in the song says I would go to the ends of the earth for make you feel my love.  Jim says this is now our adoption song.   So true. This process isn't easy and it isn't something that everyone wants to do.  But, it is absolutely what we feel called to do and I couldn't be happier.  

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  1. All children deserve a family. Love knows no boundaries. I'd travel much farther to the other side of the world and back for my kids. I'm sorry you had to experience that.