Friday, May 17, 2013

Guess who's pregnant?

     When we first told friends and family that we were going to adopt, they had many questions and comments.  A recurring comment was you know what happens when people adopt...they end up pregnant.  Jim and I would smile at them and agree, that yes, that does happen, but in our hearts, we were confident that we finally were on the path God wanted us on and that he was going to grow our family strictly through adoption.  Since saying yes to adoption, we haven't thought once about fertility or getting pregnant; things that at one point and time, consumed our lives.  
     Then this past Tuesday came and pregnancy was once again front and center. I took a test that revealed I am pregnant.  I drove out to Jim's office to tell him.  You could have knocked us both over with a feather.   As of yesterday, I am 7 weeks pregnant with a due date of January 2, 2014.  
    While still slightly in shock from the news, we are absolutely convinced that God has been leading us to adopt from the Congo, so we plan to continue on with our adoption.  We are praying daily that God will protect baby Coughlin and allow us to enjoy this pregnancy instead of being fearful.  We also continue to pray that we will soon receive our adoption referral.  This adoption journey keeps getting more interesting by the day.  So excited to see what God has planned for us and our family.


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